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Marelec Software

Marelec B50

[Translate to de:] The Marelec B50 software gives you full control on your fishcatches. It gives you a detailed overview of your catches either in graphical form or in tables. Different customised reports are available. All these overviews can easily be printed or stored. It can generate a file you can send to shore via satellite. Printing labels is another possibility.
More info on the B50 software.

Marelec B100

[Translate to de:] Production control software for freezer trawlers, with integration of the sort category, the pack weight and several optional extras.
More info on the B100 software.



Marelec PMS

[Translate to de:] Production management system for Z2 weighing indicator. The Marelec PMS software gives you full information about the processing of your Marelec scale or grader. Easily generate and save the reports you want with the "report generator". Each report can also be saved as an excel sheet with one touch.

The Marelec PMS software works together with the Z2 weighing indicator.

More info on the PMS software.