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The MARELEC D100 weighing system has a touchscreen, which gives all the information needed to pack a product and print a label. This can be asked simply by touching the screen. All the information about packed products is saved on a server. A must have if you want traceability!



  • Easy
    • All the data you need within a few touches on the screen.
    • Print any label for your product by a simple touch.
  • Fast
    • The communication between the servers and the the MARELEC D100 relies on a TCP/IP 100Mbit/s network.
  • Reliable
    • Use of a backup MARELEC server, so you don't have to stop your processing in case of inactivity of the primary server: The other server takes over without any loss of data.
  • D100 weighing system contains:
    • Marelec D100 Touchscreen
      • Power supply: 220 - 240 V ~
      • Processor: nGeode MMX 233MHz
    • Scale
      • Weight range: from 3 to 600 kg
      • Connection: RS232 serial
    • MARELEC Label printer
      • Connection: RS232 serial
    • 2 servers (Master/Slave)
    • MARELEC PM software
  • Touchscreen, scale and printer are completely water resistant.
  • All data between the terminal, server and PM software is transferred trough the network (100BaseT, TCP/IP).

Scale W50/D100 (EN)