Turnkey solutions

Integrated solutions for fish

MARELEC has become a respected international player when it comes to integrating MARELEC grading and portioning solutions. Our hardware and software solutions can integrate with third-party solutions, enabling our MATRIX PRO software to take control of the whole plant.

Key benefits

  • Both hardware and software solutions
  • 40 years' experience
  • Custom designs
  • Robust and hygienic equipment
  • Third-party integrations
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Greenfield projects, expansions of existing factories or modernization of existing processing plants.

Our field of expertise starts right at the beginning of your processing line through grading whole fish. This allows you to grade and batch your product depending on the weight and/or quality of the fish and for instance, allows you to create fixed-weight boxes. B-grade fish could be used for value-added processes such as filleting, skinning, and trimming which could be monitored by our MATRIX PRO software. Our hardware solutions can grade, batch, and portion your products. Intelligent trimlines are also part of our turnkey solutions.

MARELEC's Turnkey solutions, including graders, portion cutters, checkweighers, and scales can be integrated with all kinds of third-party processing equipment, such as X-ray machines or packaging equipment.

With the flexible and modular MATRIX PRO Software, MARELEC offers total Processing Solutions that are adapted to the special needs of each individual customer. MATRIX PRO in its basic module can store data from a singular device or take control of the entire food processing plant. The order processing tool is designed for timely production of the exact order, with optimum yields and minimal giveaway. All products are tracked and traced throughout the entire process, right until the packages are labelled.

Once a turnkey solution is sold, our team of project engineers manages the project from order until successful installation and training.

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Both hardware and software solutions

MARELEC Food Technologies designs and manufactures high-tech portioning, weighing, grading and trimline solutions.  Our software package, MATRIX, keeps track of every single product that is being processed. This traceability is essential for high-quality producers who want to guarantee food safety for their FMCG customers.

40 years' experience

Our experienced team of engineers will work out an efficient solution depending on your needs. We realize that every plant is different and requires a specific approach. Marelec is big enough to cope, but small enough to care!

Custom designs

MARELEC offers a wide range of tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of each customer. MARELEC places a priority on openness with customers, in order to identify needs and fulfil expectations.

Robust and hygienic equipment

MARELEC systems have a completely open structure, for ease of cleaning and disinfection. The design of the graders avoids horizontal surfaces. All electrics and electronics are in fully sealed cabinets with a unique hygienic labyrinth double sealing. All materials used are FDA approved.

Third-party integrations

MARELEC has become a respected player throughout the world for integrating MARELEC grading and portioning solutions in complete wall-to-wall projects. Project managers will analyze your targets and work out the best solution, including our hardware, software and third-party equipment.

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