Grading and batching

The MARELEC Grading Solutions use state of the art weighing technology and advanced software to design and build fully accurate and fast graders. Building on its extensive experience, MARELEC offers grading solutions tailored to customers' specific needs. This could be for whole primals, portions or sections, fresh or frozen products. MARELEC graders can sort different sizes into fixed-weight trays or bulk packs. All equipment is built with robustness in mind and meets high standards of hygiene.

Compact grading solution to sort and batch meat products

Compact grader

Customized grading solutions for grading meat products

Custom grader

A grader after portioning will group different target weights together.

Grader after portioning

MARELEC Beef Grader used on whole meat primals as well as on meat portions

Beef grader

The MARELEC pork grader can be used for grading whole primals such as loins, bacon, ribs, as well as portions.

Pork grader

The MARELEC lamb grader can be used for grading whole primals or portioned lamb

Lamb grader

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